One of the key reasons why customers sometimes change suppliers is lack of information and communication. Since suppliers focus most of their resources on R&D and manufacturing, many of them lack information regarding where they might stand in terms of competitiveness among others. In a more integrated world where multinational firms extend their solicitations to many countries, suppliers must understand the various cultures, languages, business habits and work ethics of their customers to stay competitive. Understanding the key decision makers within a buyer’s organization is also a necessary promotional factor. A big advantage of working with Unique Spectronix is that we serve as a buffer for our vendors by resolving problems and concerns that may arise from their lack of crucial information concerning the buyers’ needs. We can also better promote our suppliers by taking into consideration our customers’ situational demands.By maintaining close correspondences with both our customers and suppliers, we are better positioned to serve both sides matching supply and demand strategically and creatively.

Receiving orders and working with multiples customers allows us to protect vendor’s investment into a given project by prolonging its life and ensuring that the project stays within the chosen supplier. By keeping a pool of orders from our customers without letting them be diverted to other vendors, we are well positioned to protect the vendors with which we have forged deep relationship. We can also protect these projects through acquiring information concerning where the supplier’s competitor stands in terms of order fulfillment, inventory and logistics. This allows for more accurate forecasting and better preparation for future orders.