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Efficient and cost effective logistics operation is one of the key factors that can promote vendor marketability. Logistics is important because it is an indispensable part of delivery service requiring accurate timing consistently throughout the life of a project. Stability of transportation is an absolute requisite for lower operations cost for the buyer as it partly determines its level of inventory. Consistent packaging and transit time translates into clear reorder points and eliminates fear of stock-out costs. Manufacturers who practice reliable delivery are thus better positioned to win contracts and maintain them throughout their lifetime.

Over the years, we have forged intimate, long-term relationships with various forwarders and carriers in North America and Asia. This enables us to work with both our customers and vendors more flexibly by creating multimodal transportation arrangements. It also presents us an opportunity to deal with cost issues intelligently by negotiating with our logistics partners and establishing cheaper shipment routes while maintaining customer satisfaction. Because we often submit total cost of goods and delivery to our customers, we can compensate for any product cost disadvantage a vendor may have by developing cheaper transportation. We can also leverage on multiple orders we receive by consolidating these shipments into a few, thereby lowering shipping costs that would otherwise be higher under a single-shipment scenario.