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As a winner of the prestigious Presidential E-Award, USI employs the following work standards:

Integrity: We strive to demonstrate utmost accountability and trustworthiness in our actions. All of our contacts and interactions shall be based on strict protocols to maintain safe and ethical business environment. We take ownership of all we do, encouraging one another to engage in prudent judgments and decisions.

Customer Service: We understand that customer service is not limited to delivering the right product at the right time. It entails empathic inquiring and understanding of the unique qualities and situations of our customers, helping them leverage their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses. We shall also deal with crises creatively, reaching and exceeding the feat our customers cannot, in all of our logistics and procurement efforts.

Vendor Service: We believe in the importance of forging lasting and healthy relationship with each and every supplier. Every vendor shall be treated with respect while concerns and issues are dealt with through close cooperation and open communication. We provide a comfortable environment to our vendors by working out the differences with the customers and allowing the vendors to focus their resources on development and production of quality goods.

Quality: Our consistent effort shall be to source the finest components the industry can offer, sourcing them through the most ethical means, and to improve the business of those who supply them. All facilities must be prescreened carefully and all products shall be tested with the utmost care and diligence. We will not miss a single step.

Commitment: Lasting partnership requires genuine attention and interest in each other. We are dedicated to building a network of customers and suppliers who can create an arena for safe and rewarding business engagements. We shall invest into each company, customer and supplier alike, studying the products in question and developing order/production/logistics processes best suited for each firm.

Innovation: We strive to develop and employ creative methods in all of our logistics and procurement services. We are open to new ideas and encourage entrepreneurial engagements to satisfy our customers and vendors by consistently exceeding their expectations. We adapt to different circumstances and continuously improve processes to deal with the fast-paced business environment.