Unique Spectronix is a leading R&D and material sourcing company providing products and solutions to major commercial partners in the digital home appliance industry worldwide. With over 30 years of experience and industry-specific know-how, USI has been on the cutting edge providing high quality services in a time-sensitive manner.

An award-winning supplier of home appliance components for decades, USI serves competitive customers with stringent global sourcing requirements. Their manufacturing and assembling facilities are located throughout the world requiring disciplinedproduction and logistics operations. Our supply chain consists of numerous qualified suppliers with impeccable record of delivering quality products at reasonable price. USI manages this complex supplier network with utmost diligence in order to prevent unexpected supply delays or production stoppage. One of our strengths lies in our ability to accelerate delivery and manage emergency crises at every point in the supply chain process.

Our company continues to offer a comprehensive range of semi-finished components required for use in major home appliance industry. The products for which we supply components include over-the-range microwave oven, electric range, gas range, wall oven, washer & dryer and refrigerator. Through years of work, we have forged a deep relationship with a network of contractors and industry experts to help us in our endeavor to deliver top quality goods. All products that we handle are tested and validated based on rigorous global industry standards. We stand behind our products with confidence.

Our dedicated personnel are well trained in research, project management, supply chain control and international logistics. We are here to help you meet your demanding research targets and project schedules. Ultimately, our clients’ success depends on a synergistic use of knowledge, expertise and excellence in customer service. At USI, our main goal is to provide topservices for long-term success and enduring satisfaction.