We supply parts used both in interior and exterior of home appliances as well as key electrical components critical for functioning of the devices. We provide a level of quality suitable for home appliances and can provide material finishaccording to consumer demands. Component manufacturing entails stamped, injection-molded and die casted single parts which can be welded and assembled into finished components in custom-packaged forms for convenience. We accommodate all levels of assembly process from the simplest forms to large projects involving various levels of subassembly involving a large number of tier 3 and tier 4 vendors.

The products for which we supply components includeover-the-range microwave oven, electric range, gas range, wall oven, washer & dryer and refrigerator.Components we supplyinclude, but not limited to,burner assembly, oven knob, oven grate, catalytic filter, air filter, charcoal filter,dryer igniter, hose assembly, valve tube burner, appliance door handle, insulator, oven lamp, heat-protective glass, fiber-glass gasket, door switch, circuit breaker, terminal block, energy regulator, thermostat assembly, RTD sensor, power cord, cleaning kit and name plate.From stamping, die casting, injection molding to cutting, piercing, welding, plating, tempering, brush-finishing and assembling, we know our parts well and consistently deliver to our customers’ specifications.