Global sourcing efforts require disciplined and creative logistics coordination. We understand the complexity of international trade and are familiar with all export/import procedures and documentation requirements. We have systemized the logistics efforts to provide easy, one-stop solution to your sourcing efforts.

Project logistics inquiries

When a customer approaches USI with new project development inquiries, logistics requirements are also conveyed based on their expected fluctuations in inventory-levels, estimated reorder points, production turnaround cycle, time to market, product safety, packaging requirements and product margins. Our goal is to design the most fitting logistics solutions to accommodate our customers with all of the above demands. This often entails developing a creative multimodal programs and contracting out to different transportation vendors to meet the price demands of our customer. All of these concerns are shared at the beginning stage of our relationship.

Logistics development

During this stage, our logistics specialists work on taking the above logistics instructions and developing a program for each and every projected shipment. Our project developers and logistics managers work together to create a comprehensive delivery solution. Price optimization can be reached through logistics by arranging cheaper transportation for high-priced goods; and product safety can be optimized by arranging more reliable transports for low-priced goods. Depending on the novelty of the task, we may reach our existing freight forwarder or find new competitive ones in the regions where production takes place. In all of our contracting efforts, we adhere to strict protocols and select logistics partners based on their consistency and reliability.


Packaging is a crucial element of long-distance logistics and we take extra caution to ensure that every goods are properly packaged. From primary to tertiary packaging, we manage and monitor packaging processes of every samples and mass-produced shipments to avoid undesirable loss of our goods through mechanical damage, water damage, theft and pilferage during the perils of ocean and air transit. Every component comes with different packaging methods suitable for its mechanical integrity. Different combinations of packaging materials and methods are explored with each supplier based on shipment destination, purpose and part quantity.

Logistics management

After a deal is made, all of our logistics coordinators monitor every shipment at all times to ensure their timely delivery and prevent production problems. All of our order processing, acknowledgments, and shipment availability statuses are closely monitored; and correspondences with plant managers and freight forwarders are maintained in a three-way network to ensure that no one is left behind in the process.
We are currently operating on a Just-In-Time delivery basis via a VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) system with our current customers. We provide flexible delivery terms to help customers manage their internal inventory level and deal with part forecasting issues. Such efforts of ours can serve as a buffer effect against inventory shortage/excess.