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At Unique Spectronix, we recognize today’s complex and fast-paced business environment and the daunting challenges that accompany them. With the advent of electronic data processing technologies and complex logistics and documentation practices, it has become difficult and even tedious for many operations managers to fulfill all the requirements of modern business practices. What’s more, the number of new enterprises that have risen throughout the past decades and the resulting competition are also enormous, forcing many firms to reach out to new cheaper and more productive avenues in all of their operations. With all of these new developments, business environment has become tougher, more complex and more competitive. Our mission is to help you cut through these difficulties and deliver target products and services creatively and flexibly.

Global outsourcing, popular as it is, entails hidden risks and costs that often catch many companies by surprise. Many of them are often unprepared to meet the costs related to working with foreign government bureaucracies, long distance logistics, lack of adequate business infrastructures, existence of hidden middlemen, and other more general obstacles such as cultural/linguistic issues and geographic unfamiliarity. By serving as your virtual global sourcing division, USI strives to take these burdens off of your shoulder.