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The bulk of our operations consist of procuring necessary components.

New project request

In this formative project stage, customers share their issues and concerns related to component sourcing in the context of their broad manufacturing needs. Customers approach us through eithera new manufacturing project initiation protocol or through quality/cost innovation efforts to improve quality and cost structure of their exiting components. Manufacturing instructions and quality control requirements are discussed. Targetprices and delivery terms are also discussed to determine feasibility of the project.

Feasibility study

Once all required information is communicated to us, our team of project developers conducts feasibility study to determine whether the actual sourcing can begin. All technical data including prices, product drawings, specifications and quality control requirements are closely reviewed to determine production method, level of manufacturing, lead time estimate, supplier categories and number of suppliers involved. All of these processes are done based on our past knowledge and experience and they establish the direction of the project.

Vendor inquiries

Once we determine a project’s potential, we begin the process of contacting suppliers. Depending on the novelty of the task, we may reach our existing suppliers or find new ones. We employ strict protocols in our vendor selection process including supplier background investigation, reference receipt, financial status check, gathering product certificates and plant documents, numerous teleconferences with company principals and factory audit. Competitive pricing is not the sole criterion. Our goal is to verify the integrity and quality of the supplier we choose and to ensure the supplier has the right manufacturing experience and knowhow in the particular components we plan to source. To this end, we take cautionary measures to confirm the vendors’ client pool and their relationship status with home appliance customers in the right component categories.


Price is one factor that allows us to save time and determine whether a vendor can become part of our supply chain network. After completing the preliminary selection process, we gather a number of qualified suppliers and begin working out the prices. We recognize that a good price is not always a positive thing and strive to go deeper into how the price structure is organized. We take into account economies of scale, financial stability, inventory levels, product quality, QC staffs and logistics experience when considering this issue.


When a satisfactory vendor emerges after verifying its production and sourcing operations, we communicate our works to our customer and proceed to purchasing. Payment terms are worked out and contracts are signed during this last stage of negotiation.