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Logistics is the backbone of healthy business operations and may take up to 70% - 80% of export-import process. For this reason, we have cultivated long-term relationships with various logistics solution providers in North America and Asia. This enables us to develop and run creative multimodal programs aimed at providing delivery terms favorable to your conditions and requirements. Another advantage that can be derived from these relationships is stable and consistent delivery of goods. Stability of transportation is an absolute requisite for lower operations costas it partly determinesthe level of inventory a firm is compelled to stock. Consistent packaging and transit time translates into clear reorder points and eliminates fear of stock-out costs. Our intimate relationships with freight forwarders have also resulted in better rates and more transparent services. Since we serve multiple customers, we can consolidate multiple shipments to provide cheaper transportation costs to be passed onto our each and every customer. All of these advantages work synergistically to bring you better customer service experience.

Our logistics specialists have years of international logistics background behind them and have dealt with numerous ocean and air transportation between Asian and North American continents. We understand the complexity of international trade and are familiar with all export/import documentation procedures. By providing a one-stop solution to your logistics needs, we can reduce your labor input and provide a comprehensive delivery solution according to your specific situations and needs.