In today’s hectic business environment, opportunities for sourcing have become both ample and complex. Small to mid-sized manufacturers and trading companies have sprung up in the developing countries such as China, India, Malaysia and Philippines as their governments have opened up their economy to the rest of the world. The implication is enormous, as companies throughout the world can benefit from cheaper labor sources in these countries as well as faster turnaround time many of these firms offer. However, lack of basic business infrastructures, institutions and government guidance and protection of domestic business practices have been a major concern for many aspiring firms willing to establish their presence in these countries.

The biggest benefit that customers reap from partnership with Unique Spectronix lies in the significant cut in investment they would otherwise incur without our assistance when venturing out to new countries. Outsourcing entails a time-consuming and often tedious prescreening procedure including company background investigation, credit/financial status check and factory visit. Even after the relationship is established, negotiating price and coordinating production and logistics with foreign suppliers can also be a tiresome process, not to mention the language barrier. We can provide you with a quick and reliable service by fulfilling these requirements. We possess human resource pool with 30 years of experience dealing with overseas vendors and their operations. Throughout the years, we have developed industry – based network of suppliers who are already prescreened and qualified to give you the best products at low cost.